Mirawara’s vision

This is the seed that Mirawara wants to bring to fruition, helping our community connect with each other, creating better understanding of our cultural diversity and the connection we all have with our natural environment. Mirawara is about weaving stories of experiential learning and connection with nature.


Michael Smith has a great extent of knowledge about navigation and ways to read the landscape. In this course, you will learn the basics of navigation and the way we relate to the environment using our “orienteering lens”. You will learn natural navigation with the sun, layers of the land and the natural elements surrounding you. You will also learn how the animals can help you understand how to navigate the land. This activity is for youth 12-25 years of age. What to bring on the day: warm clothes, rain jacket, plenty of water and a cut lunch. Please also bring your clients sign up form available on our website: mirawara.org. Hope to see you out there.

bookings: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/mirawara-


Come and discover the beauties of Mt Dharrengower (Mt Tarrengower) with Dja Dja Wurrung leader Rebecca Phillips and Aunty Marilyne Nicholls. During your expedition, you will be learning about the importance of Mt Dharrengower to the Dja Dja Wurrung people, you will be visiting important sites and will discover the intricacies of different natural aspects of this beautiful landscape. We will be meeting at the toilet block at the main camping area at 10 am. What to bring on the day: warm clothes, rain jacket, walking shoes, plenty of water and a cut lunch. Don’t forget to also bring your clients sign up forms available on our website at mirawara.org. If you require more information, contact Emmanuelle on 0437 172 786.


This activity is part of the Pick My Project funding.

Mirawara’s winter program is offering youth 12-25 a great opportunity to learn the basic of mountain biking or further their skills to a higher level. We will be running 2 sessions during the first week of the holidays with 2 professional mountain biking coach, Jo Wall and Carrie Edney. See links below for more details: www.eventbrite.com.au/o/mirawara-14769924778








Come and enjoy a beautiful evening at Leanganook (Mt Alexander) for the start of Reconciliation week with Ron Murray. Story-telling and didgeridoo music will be the essence of the evening, under the stars around a cozy and warm campfire. A light snack will be provided (cake and tea), gluten free and vegan option available.

Ron Murray is a Wamba Wamba man (Swan Hill area) living at Yapeen, near Castlemaine, in central Victoria on Jaara country. He is a cultural educator, storyteller, musician, didgeridoo maker and wood sculptor.

Ron has an international reputation as a didgeridoo soloist, having performed widely in Australia, and also in New York, Jordon, Canada and New Zealand. He also performs as part of the Celtic-Indigenous fusion duo, Kinja, with fiddler/vocalist Sarah James.

Please bring your own chairs, blankets, torches, and mugs and don’t forget to bring your clients sign up form available on our website at mirawara.org. This event is made possible through Pick My Project and tickets are limited so please make sure that you can commit to the date or let us know in advance if you cannot attend so that we can give tickets to other people. Event will start at 6pm until 9pm at Leanganook camping area on Mt Alexander.

bookings available at: www.eventbrite.com.au/o/mirawara-14769924778


Looking forward to meeting you on the day!


We had a sublime day at Leanganook for our Earth Core open day, beautiful weather and sweet sounds of acoustic guitar in the background played by Ya Reeves. So many smiles as people ascended the granite outcrops, feeling the buzz of being alive in this beautiful nature. We have more events coming up, check the link below for more info


Our first trip to Boort with Earth Core was a great success! Tim Read took the first group of participants and they had the chance to visit a Dja Dja Wurrung birthing cave older than the pyramid, rock-wells, oven mounds and visited many important sites to the Dja Dja Wurrung poeple of Central Victoria. We are hoping to do 3 more trips to Boort this year so stay tuned and subscribed to our email list at http://mirawara.org. A truly unique experience!

Earth Core is finally here everyone! We have a great Autumn program available for youth 12-25 yo and also for the whole community. Earth Core is an environmental and outdoor education programs that have been highly subsidised by the Pick My Project State Funding, helping our community to access the great programs that Mirawara offers. Earth Core will be running until December 2019 and we will be advertising our events every seasons so… to stay tuned, you can subscribe to our email list at http://mirawara.org. The list of our amazing Autumn experiences are:

11th April: Rock-climbing at Mt Macedon

14th April: Open day for climbing and abseiling at Leanganook (Mt Alexander): everyone welcome!

27-28th April: Workshop with Claire Dunn, Jem Little, Aunty Marilyn Nicholls and Rebecca Phillips from Dja Dja Wurrung, Mitch Boney and Mel Turnbull from the Fire-Keepers (Mt Alexander).

4th May: Climbing at Leanganook (Dog Rocks, Mt Alexander).

11th May: Indigenous Cultural Tour of Franklinford and Mt Franklin with campfire, dinner, Indigenous story-telling and dance with Aunty Marilyn Nicholls and Rebecca Phillips from Dja Dja Wurrung and Mitch Boney.

12th May: Rock-climbing at Leanganook (Mt Alexander).

18th May: trip to Mt Kooyoora: Rock-climbing, abseiling and caving.

Important: the only event open to everyone are the Franklinford trip and the open climbing day. The other programs are only for youth 12-25 yo. Thanks you and hope to see you guys out there! 

Check the link for more details and booking options:



Reflection on Mt Dharrengowar

A minimum of 65 000 years of intimate connection with this ancient land. Stories, songs and dance embedded in the Earth, whispers of wisdom that never ends. In the beauty of Kakadu, a stone axe is revealed, unravelling a history untold, since the beginning of time. It is now proven to the blind eye, that Indigenous people have been here for a minimum of 65 000 years, challenging our known human history and defeating the theory that Indigenous people had a part in the extinction of the Mega Fauna. Maybe Australia was the place where the first man arrived. Such amazing discovery.

Our Earthskills workshop with Claire Dunn is down to a 1 day only, Saturday 14th July 10 am until 7 pm for $101. Come and learn how to do fire-by-friction, how to read and understand bird language with ecologist Jem Little and other amazing bush-skills, Soup and bread will be served around the campfire. Don’t forget to bring your music instruments to join in the fun! Hope to see you out there.