Help us reach our goal

Next Thursday the 1st September, the day of The Big Give and culmination of our crowd funding campaign. We aim to ascend a 15m climb at Dog Rock, Mt Alexander, with your help.

Now is your chance to be part of a great ascent! For every ten dollars donated we’ll move up one centimetre. $10 (and above) donations make us eligible for prizes and additional funding from The Community Foundation of Central Victoria the creators of the The Big Give.

We’ll start at 50cm, our current level of donations. We will move “Big Wall” style which is aid climbing: hauling our gear and resting on a portaledge. Drop by to visit, even abseil in to join us. It’ll be a fun day. The climb is near the fire area at Dog Rock, an easy walk in from Joseph Young Drive that runs over Mount Alexander. Contact us if you need help finding it, we’ll be fully connected all day. We’ll be posting live video on our Facebook page throughout the day. So if you can’t make it to Dog Rock tune in on Facebook and tell your friends.
This campaign is to raise funds so Mirawara can take people outdoors. The more we raise the more accessible we can make outdoor trips for young people of Central Victoria.


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