How to support Mirawara 

As we establish our vision to offer transformative outdoor experiences we need the help of our friends. So if you like our ideas and have been on a trip with us how can you help?

Firstly let people know about Mirawara. We are on Facebook and Instagram, the bigger our network is the more we can do. Engage with us on WordPress too: follow, comment, or like this blog.

Write a short review of your experience on one of our trips, comment, or send your own photos in any of our formats. A short video statement of support for Mirawara would be ace, shoot one on your phone.

Expanding our network is critical prior to launching our crowd-funding campaign and seeking other support.

We also accept donations. Gear – climbing shoes, tents, packs, any good stuff you no longer use. Or new climbing gear – buy us a carabiner for example, lockers are good for our top-rope anchors.

Bake a cake or bring food to share on a trip, also pitch in for petrol if car-pooling. We love home made biscuits!

This kind of support means you can contribute until we have more formal arrangements. It will help more people find out about us so helping us become a sustainable non-profit business that can help you go bush.

mirawara scrub

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