Michael Smith workshop this weekend

Saturday the 5th of August 10am to 1pm, meet at the Dog Rock car park Mount Alexander. Let us know if you’re coming or need directions. Bring rain gear and a pen and notebook.

Michael Smith has always worked outdoors and has over 30 years experience in training in a wide variety of fields including: survival, tracking, climbing, leadership and program development. Much of this has been in a military context including work with the Special Forces Group.

Michael has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh award, and now is contracting to Outback Initiatives as a facilitator with an upcoming trip in the Kimberly’s.

Michael’s work has led him to understand people and the environment and Mirawara is lucky to host workshops that will range through his extensive knowledge and experience.

This first workshop on Mount Alexander is a pilot for the upcoming series: dates to be confirmed around Michael’s other commitments. Keep an eye on our programs as we get rolling in spring or subscribe to our email list.  As a pilot there is no charge for this workshop but gold coin donations gratefully accepted.

Workshop 1: The lost art of tracking  Or Making meaning

 It was part of everyday life thousands of years ago: we needed to know what was happening in our environment, where our next meal was coming from — from day-to-day, season to season and environment to environment. 

Why the lost art? We are focused on the wrong thing, what is important is the awareness and interpretation of the moment and place. When we understand this, it is then that we can perceive where the tracks are leading to or where they are coming from. We become more fluid and in-tune with our environment.

A sense of wonder, a sense of humour, liking for hard work and most of all, a love of nature.

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