Brett Scholtes, Sacred Heart College Kyneton

After my recent dealings Mirawara I am fully satisfied with the flexibility, professionalism and great range of programs that are offered. The rock climbing excursion to Camels Hump in the Macedon Ranges was a great experience for my students which enabled them to see what outdoor opportunities are right on their own door step. I will be calling on the Mirawara crew again to provide experiences for the next generation of outdoor education/recreation students.

Participants from the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program — abseiling at Melviles Caves:

For the first time I felt I was faced with a clear challenged to push my boundaries and when I did I actually had fun and not as hard/bad as I initial thought it would be. It was a life changing moment for me.


Was great to support and be supported. I did feel for those who were unable to participate in abseiling but was grateful that they still joined us.


Pushing your boundaries and actually out of your comfort zone was a bit scary but worth it because of their team motivation. You just need to trust them.


Great team encouragement and good fun


It was good to have the different challenge levels for everyone, and I’m glad everyone got involved and were very supportive of one another.


They [Mirawara guides] were attentive, supportive and considerate. I was quietly confident I would be OK, but regardless, they still ensured I had a great experience.


Great hosts and very enjoyable afternoon


Wow, wow, wow.. loved it…and the team bonding was a wonderful part of the afternoon


Pushed the boundaries with a supportive attitude.


It’s a great fun activity and it gave good opportunity to have discussions with fellow participants. It also offered a good range of challenges to people.


Friendly and encouraging!


When abseiling, the instructor looked me directly in the eyes and said ‘you are not phased about anything at all are you? You’ve got this’ It made me feel really in control and empowering. I’ve never had someone look me in the eyes and give me some much confidence with just a couple of words.

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