The Big Give

What a day we had yesterday! In the early mist on Mount Alexander we discovered a school group was there abseiling; most of the time we have the place to ourselves. They wished us well and their guides laughed at the first portaledge at Dog Rock. One of the students even helped as we fumbled with uploading video to our social media. 

We started with our portaledge at 680mm, representing the $680 we’d raised in the early part of our crowdfunding campaign.  The aim was to move up the climb 1mm for every dollar donated. 

We had lots of visitors throughout the day, supporters dropping in for a chat and a cuppa. Couldn’t tempt any of them to join us on the portaledge though! We loved that they’d come up to see us. 

We moved the anchor up and lifted the portaledge to our level of donation every hour. Tape measure and chalk are hard to use hanging in a harness! 

The hardest part of the day was uploading video as we tried to broadcast our campaign, we’re not so good at social media and got the giggles getting confused and making a mess of hashtags and sharing!

We got one of the spot prizes of $250 from CFCV funding pool. Also got hot soup for lunch, cooked and delivered by our number one supporter, thanks Tim. 

As darkness fell we had ascended to 1770mm on our climb. Such a great feeling that people value what we want to set up. 

After breaking down the anchors and ropes with head torches on, we retired to our homes but the campaign ran on to its midnight deadline. 

Some late night calls (even around the world) to prompt freinds to donate got us to $2225. We are so greatful for their support as it also got us to 2nd place in the number of unique donors in our category of small not-for-profits. This earned us the 2nd place prize of $2000!

Our total for the whole campaign is $4225! 

This is short of our goal but very encouraging. We could get some of the equipment we are after, and pay for the printing, website and business registration costs incurred so far. We’ll meet soon to discuss the next steps. 

The overall Big Give campaign raised $82,000, all going to Central Victorian community building projects. What a great event for our region!

Our Instagram and Facebook page (link in the menu top right) has the photos and videos of the day… the ones we eventually uploaded!

A huge thanks to all those that supported us and shared our story. 

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